I grew up in a community where kids could play in the streets until the lights came on. As a mother, I think it’s a tragedy that my girls can’t have the same freedom and safety that I did. 


In 2020, San Antonio’s murder rate increased by 34%, one of the highest spikes in the nation.  Amid this public safety crisis, extremists are attempting to push a ballot measure aimed at silencing and disenfranchising our police officers. We cannot allow this to happen. 


Our officers must have the correct training, resources, and support they need to protect our communities and defend our vulnerable elders, children, and domestic abuse victims. As City Councilwoman, I will work with, not against, our public safety officers to ensure our communities have the safe, effective law enforcement we need. 



In my work, I am committed to defending the rights of seniors and those at risk of exploitation. Being able to stand up for our vulnerable neighbors has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 


With thousands of seniors and many other at-risk individuals calling San Antonio home, we must prioritize efficient and expedient COVID-19 distribution in our city. On City Council, I will see to it that the City does our part and steps up to ensure vaccine access for those that need it most.



As a small business owner myself, I understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building something from the ground up. Small business owners are more invested in making our communities better, not just making money. Not only that, but they provide and support critical jobs and boost our economy.


San Antonio needs to become more business friendly. Arbitrary shutdowns and rules do nothing but hurt small businesses and by extension our communities. Worst of all, these totalitarian rules have cost people their livelihoods and homes, something that will greatly impact our City in the long run. 


We lost the AT&T bid to Dallas, we lost the Space Force bid, and we also lost the bid to bring Tesla! The City botched these opportunities for economic growth and me MUST step up and provide a winning effort for job creation. I am committed to cutting needless red tape and regulations to allow our small businesses to earn an honest living safely and responsibly.



Anyone who has paid their own bills understands the simple rule that you shouldn’t spend more than you make. As a mom with a busy household and as a businessowner, I’ve learned how to balance a budget while making sure my family and employees were cared for. That’s what we need on City Council. 


San Antonio residents shouldn’t have to foot the bill for the City Council’s irresponsible spending. Increasing costs of living and local taxes are driving young families and seniors out of the city limits. No one should be forced out of their home by taxes. 


I will fight to ensure we balance our budget and make efficient use of our available resources to lower taxes while doing better for San Antonio residents.



I firmly believe that schools should be the training ground for tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and world-changers. I want to make sure that my daughters and all children in San Antonio are in schools that are safe, strong, and teaching them the skills they need to succeed.


Too many of our young people are graduating high school without basic skills such as how to manage a household budget, how to successfully interview for a job, or even what their career options are. Too many are funneled into the college system with no idea what they want to do and end up taking on massive debt while they try to figure it out. We must do better by our young people. 


I will work to develop partnerships with community colleges and local education institutions to make sure our kids are taught marketable skills and properly prepared for the workforce or college. There is no one-size-fits-all and we need to take that into account within our education system. 



Roads are more than just asphalt and gravel. They’re the connection between our homes, schools, jobs, businesses, and communities. As San Antonio is growing at explosive rates, we must ensure that our transportation system keeps up. Congestion, potholes, and crumbling infrastructure are more than just nuisances, they’re dangerous. Roads directly impact our first responders’ ability to reach the sites of emergencies. They are a huge factor in our local economy and our general quality of life.


My daughters will be learning to drive in a few years. I want to make sure that they have safe, well-maintained roads to travel and never have to worry about help being late if something goes wrong. 


San Antonio needs to focus on solving the key issues our community faces. We must make sure that we properly allocate resources to improve our roads and infrastructure efficiently and effectively.



I am passionate about protecting our seniors, children, and most vulnerable. As a mother, I cannot stand the thought of a child being harmed or exploited. Over the past year, I have worked at ChildSafe to help victims of abuse find healing. I’m so proud of our collaboration with other local organizations to provide forensic interviews, social services, counseling, and support for children and families trying to navigate through our complex web of government services.  It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I am determined to do my part to keep momentum and help every child possible. 


As with every large city, San Antonio has its predators. Children are harmed, exploited, and used across our city every day and it is unacceptable. We must stand with law enforcement, social services, and the private sector to defend our children and fight for justice for victims.


Our seniors are also facing a crisis. We find a shortage of assisted living facilities, a lack of caregiver support, and an excess of scammers willing to rob our seniors of their hard-earned life savings. 


On City Council, I will fight to protect our most vulnerable, get justice for victims, and work with stakeholders to give our community the resources to stop these crimes before they happen.



San Antonio must do better when it comes to helping our homeless neighbors. With public safety increasingly threatened and so many jobs lost due to COVID, it’s even more critical that we respond to this pressing need. 


At the same time, we must make sure we use our resources wisely. I will work to invest in programs that address the root of homelessness instead of the symptoms.  We must work with the community to bring about compassionate solutions that help our neighbors, protect our families, and do right by those less fortunate than ourselves.



It is outrageous that while utility executives have received pay raises during the pandemic, families have received rate increases! This MUST be corrected with greater transparency and accountability. Affordable utilities are absolutely vital to keeping cost of living low. Young families and seniors don’t have the disposable income to sustain rising utility rates. 


No one should need a payment plan or a loan to cover their utility bills, but some people were under financial hardship due to the SAWS 2019 rate increase. We can’t let this happen again.


The recent Winter Freeze power outages only serve to further highlight the lack of emergency preparedness that must be proactively addressed for the sake of our families. 


We must work to address inefficiencies and overhead in the SAWS and CPS Energy systems to keep rates low and help those in need. On City Council, I will hold our utility providers accountable and work to make sure that residents are the ones getting the best end of the deal.